CFISD Releases Community And Student Engagement Ratings

August 8, 2014

Aug. 8, 2014—CFISD has released results from its first annual Community and Student Engagement (CASE) ratings for each district campus.

Texas Education Code §39.0545, as added by House Bill 5 under the 83rd Texas Legislature, requires all districts to evaluate the district’s performance and the performance of each campus in community and student engagement.

CFISD branded the evaluation “CASE” for Community and Student Engagement. As required by statute, a local committee of campus and central office administrators along with community members worked together to create the “CASE” specifically for CFISD. 

All school districts and charters are required to assign a performance rating of ExemplaryRecognizedAcceptable orUnacceptable to the district and each campus for overall performance and the following categories: 

  • fine arts;
  • wellness and physical education;
  • community and parent involvement;
  • 21st Century workforce development program;
  • Second language acquisition program;
  • digital learning environment;
  • dropout prevention strategies; and
  • educational programs for gifted and talented students. 

 “The most exciting aspect of CASE for our campus was the fact that it gave us a 360-degree perspective on meeting the needs of all our students and the community,” said Cypress Springs High School principal Travis Fanning.

Individual campus ratings are displayed on each campus homepage in the following location: About Us: Community and Student Engagement Ratings.

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